Evacuation chair servicing

Our certified service engineer will visit at an agreed date and time equipped with all the tools necessary to complete the service of the evacuation chair. After the service has been completed we can provide either a physical or digital copy of your service engineer visit.

Our service programme includes:

A visit every 12 months by a certified service engineer who will conduct the following:

  • 24 point inspection
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Certificate of service
  • Service label on your evacuation chair

What makes our servicing different?

Our price promise guarantees if you find a similar service cheaper elsewhere, we will meet or beat that price.

Our leading 24-point checklist includes testing your chair on the stairs you may have to use in an emergency.

A certified engineer will always call ahead to confirm their attendance to make sure any security requirements are met.

If your service is urgent we can help prioritise your service to meet any commitments you may have.

You are a name not a number. Our dedicated service advisor ensure you have one point of contact for any questions you may have.

We always supply a signed service report with a proof of service label attached to your evacuation chair.

In addition to the manual reports, a digital version can be supplied to you directly for your records.

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