Our range of evacuation chairs

Safety Chair EV-4000 Evacuation Chair


The standard model evacuation chair for downward evacuation

Provides a quick, easy and safe emergency evacuation with a 200kg (440lbs) weight capacity and allows for single person operation.

Safety Chair EV-8000 Evacuation Chair


Motorised assistance for upward and downward evacuation

The easier way to evacuate. Our powered solution uses Power-Climb technology to make negotiating stairwells that bit more less stressful. Capable of both one and two person operation.  

Safety Chair EV-5000 Evacuation Chair


Robust and versatile with quick deployment for downward evacuation

The EV-5000 is capable of various forms of evacuation. Suitable for 1 or 2 person operation, our Safety-Trac belts  control for both ascending and descending evacuation.  

Safety Chair EV-7000 Evacuation Chair


Higher weight capacity of 250kg (550lbs) for bariatric passengers

Assists with downward evacuation for bariatric payloads in an emergency evacuation. This evacuation chair can also be used for upward and downward evacuation for non-bariatric payloads.

Safety Chair EV-2000 Evacuation Chair


A light, portable, strong, high quality stairway carry chair

The EV-2000 provides a quick and easy emergency evacuation with a 159kg (350lbs) weight capacity and folds away neatly for compact storage.