Safety Mat

The wall mounted Safety Mat Evacuation Sled from allows the smooth transfer of disable patients over any surface even concrete or stairs. The sled can be stored in the wall mounted bag provided and easily deployed when needed in an emergency. Supplied complete with wall mounted rapid deployment pouch.



The Safety Mat consists of dual inner foam, lower layer firm to ride over any surfaces,carpets, concrete or any bumps like stairs, and an upper layer for patient comfort. There are safety belts and a foot pocket to hold the patient in place, pulling loops at each end and a tough slippery coated bottom side. The loop at the head end is to hold back when descending stairways. One or two people required.

  • Dual inner foam provides protection and comfort for patient
  • Maximum carrying weight 300kg
  • 2 Safety belts and foot pocket to hold the patient safely and securely in place
  • Tough slippery coated underside to assist transfer over floor surfaces and stairs
  • Complete with storage pouch which can be wall mounted for rapid deployment (fixings not included)
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) – 1900 x 600 x 40mm
  • Manufactured in the UK

LENGTH:  190cm

WIDTH:  60cm

DEPTH:  40cm

WEIGHT:  5.8kg



PLEASE NOTE: Due to the lifesaving nature of these devices, it is recommended that a separate evacuation sled is used for drills and training purposes. This will ensure that the sledge used in an emergency has been exposed to minimal wear and tear. In an emergency the folded sled is taken off the wall mount and the patient is transferred from the bed to sled.

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