Safety Cot

Designed for the safe evacuation of premature and new born babies from maternity wards and special care baby units in the event of fire or emergency.

Portable and lightweight, the Safety Cot enables a single carer to safely evacuate up to two babies (depending on size and condition) while remaining hands free to administer care if needed. Ideal for use in premises where escape routes involve descending stairs.



  • Can carry up to two babies depending on size and condition.
  • Enables carers to be ‘hands free’ to administer needed care to the infant while evacuating.
  • Secure storage for a small oxygen cylinder on the underside of the cot to allow manual ventilation of baby if required (Cylinder not included)
  • Flexible strong contraction allows for easy handling and adequate support and protection of babies.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Wall mountable for easy, instant access.
  • Remove the Safety Cot from its storage bag and unfold.
  • Ensure that the cot is on a flat surface
  • Place the straps over the shoulder – creating a single cross over the chest area and fasten using the plastic safety buckles.
  • If manual ventilation is needed, a second carer woulD need to secure the cylinder to the underside of the Safety Cot.
  • Move the baby/babies within the Safety Cot, to a safe area.

PACKED: 62cm x 36cm x 9cm

OPENED: 58cm x 30cm x 28cm




For general cleaning purposes, wipe with warm water containing a neutral detergent. Where disinfection is required following contamination, refer to hospital disinfection policy. Do not use phenolic based cleaners or bleach on this product.

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